UV Nail Dryers

uv_dryerAppliances for fast drying nail polish for convenience for many women. Who wants to wait half an hour or more to dry the varnish, to be able to use your hands? It is in these moments unit comes to the rescue. The benefits it provides are indisputable, but at what price?
UV equipment for drying nail polish can be found in most beauty salons. It is important to understand that UV drying not only covers the nail, but nail and skin of the fingers around them. The truth is that they harm the nails as expensive cosmetic product. It is no secret that UV rays are harmful to any area of ​​the body.
When exposed to blue light, nails lose their shine and over time become more fragile. It is recommended that these techniques could be avoided as much as possible. When still necessary to use such methods should be applied to oil or cuticle oil on the nails and skin around them after the procedure. Thus the nail bed and surrounding area moisturize and nourish.
The best option is a nail polish to dry naturally. We sit in a ventilated area or near air conditioning or a fan, to speed up the process a few minutes.
When it comes to fast drying nail polish, nail immersion minute – two in cold water is a safer method than the use of a device for quick drying.
It is also recommended to be applied in thin layers of nail polish – it accelerates drying.